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Chargers Fans: Happy New Year 2024!

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Despite this disappointing season, the situation for the Chargers may take a different turn in 2024.

Current coach of the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, who could be considered for head coach.

Current coach of the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, who could be considered for head coach.

The year is ending, and with this one more NFL season is also ending. Although the next one doesn't start until September, there are already teams that are focused on it.

This is the case of Los Angeles Chargers, who with a disastrous record of 5-10, their owners decided to "press the reset button" and firing both General Manager Tom Telesco and Head Coach Brandon Staley. With an overall record of 24-24, Staley was never able to establish a contending team despite having elite players.

However, there are reasons to be excited about Chargers football again in 2024.

Here I present the three main reasons:

New Chargers Head Coach

Bill Belichick could say goodbye to the Patriots by 2024. Bill Belichick could say goodbye to the Patriots by 2024.

Bill Belichick could say goodbye to the Patriots by 2024.

I think I wasn't the only one hopeful when reading the statement from Dean Spanos, owner of the team, when he said that "doing nothing for the sake of continuity is not a risk he was willing to take," and that the fans " "Not only do they deserve more, but they have earned more."

In summary, Mr. Spanos stated that they will do things differently in the search for the next head coach. With the real possibility that Jim Harbaugh will leave Michigan after the college playoffs, and that Bill Belichick will no longer remain with the Patriots, this seems like the ideal opportunity to hire a successful and experienced coach.

The franchise has opted for coordinators in recent seasons (Mike McCoy, Anthony Lynn, Brandon Staley) and we have not had the expected results. Although there would be talented offensive coordinators available, such as Ben Johnson (Detroit), Frank Smith (Miami) and even Kellen Moore (Chargers), it is time to bring stability and save Justin Herbert's career.

Justin Herbert and talent on offense and defense

Our franchise quarterback Justin Herbert has the talent around him to be successful.

Our franchise quarterback Justin Herbert has the surrounding talent to be successful.

What Staley is most accused of was not having taken advantage of talented players, especially on defense. Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, Derwin James and at the time, JC Jackson, were not enough to contain rival offenses.

Justin Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks, and we feel that he would have already had opportunities to go far in the playoffs with a better head coach. Furthermore, if we take into account their weapons, such as Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Joshua Palmer, and offensive linemen such as Rashawn Slater and Jamaree Sawyer, we are talking about an elite offense.

Some of the players mentioned above will not return for next season, as the team is currently $52,000,000 above the salary cap (it is rumored that Williams and James could leave, in addition to Austin Ekeler not continuing). However, the Chargers have enough talent around Herbert to maintain a competitive roster, as well as players we can add via free agency and the draft, in which we will have a top pick.

Less difficult calendar than in 2023

According to CBS Sports, the Chargers began the 2023 season with the 12th toughest schedule. In addition to the high selection in the draft, the other advantage of being last in the AFC West is being able to face teams that are also at the bottom of their divisions next year.

This year the Chargers, as second place in 2022, faced Dallas, Baltimore and Tennessee (combined winning record of 27-18 at the moment), while the following year they would have to play with the Patriots, Tennessee and Arizona (record of 12-33 at the moment).

In addition to always playing against our own division, each year we have to play against an entire division per conference. In 2024 we will have to face the NFC South, made up of Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta and Carolina. Those four teams have a combined record of 24-36. This year, the Chargers played against the NFC North, which has a combined record of 31-29. We also have to face the AFC North, where we will face four tough rivals (Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh). However, it is no reason to predict a calendar equal to or more complicated than the one we faced in 2023.


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